New York City In Focus : A Neighborhood Guide

New York City In Focus : A Neighborhood Guide

A rough guide to picking the best NYC neighborhood for your next move. We speak to realtors from around the city who talk about their favorite places, to help you decide.

When deciding where to live in New York City, it’s best to work out what you really want, make a list and highlight the top three. Do you need the best location for commuting, do you work from home and want somewhere quiet but access to restaurants and bars.

And while it might be easy to prioritize what’s most important, almost every New Yorker has a hard time choosing a neighborhood to call home AND one that hits those important markers

In this blog series called “A Neighborhood Guide To New York City” we will ask local realtors to talk about the neighborhoods they know best, after all they are local experts that know every single part of their patch.

Expect to read from industry leaders from large big box real estate brokers, and boutique style agents from around the five boroughs of New York City.

Want to hear about a specific neighborhood ? Ask us in the comments below and we will do our best to get it covered.

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