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Drones are becoming an essential tool for realtors to get images previously impossible. Of course we have a drone for every occasion but most of our drones can help you get fantastic low level aspects of properties, high altitude images and video fly-bys and feature clips lasting 1 to 2 mins.

One of the main benefits of drone photography is that we can cover a large amount of ground quickly. Very useful for large locations and properties with a huge amount of land or complex layouts that ground images just cant capture. We can even create 3D profiles of large landscapes and property, to a high quality than Google Maps for example.

We can supply video in a few formats but most common are 1080p 30fps or 60fps. If you would like 4K footage we can do that also (but remember the files are LARGE) we can provide some post processing like colour grading, editing and such.

If you have a real estate listing that would benefit from using aerial or drone photography then contact us. if you are looking to book commercial drone photography or video then contact our partners over at Gotham Drone Pilots.

Our drone real estate photography pricing is always competitive.

Commercial Drone

From $350
  • Non-Residential Property
  • Industrial Surveys & 3D Mapping
  • Repair or Progress Images & Video
  • Over 4,000sqft
  • FAA Approval in Restricted Airspace Additional Cost
  • Custom Quotes & Services

Non-Commercial Drone

From $139
  • Residential Property Only
  • up to 3 Images in HDR
  • Optional 60 seconds 4k or 1080p Video
  • Under 4,000sqft
  • FAA Approval in Restricted Airspace Additional Cost
  • Available When Booked with Other Services

FAA Approval can take up to 90 days; All flights subject to safety survey including favorable weather.

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Helicopter Assignments

Sometimes we are unable to fly a drone for a variety of reasons, large metropolis areas normally forbid a drone to be flown over very populated areas. This is where a helicopter comes in and we are happy to schedule one for your project.

All our video capabilities are similar to our drone offerings with 4K/1080 60fps available and medium format photography stills for creating large prints to use in advertising or marketing printed materials.

Our photographers have a variety of tools and lenses to shoot almost any project either stills or video. Please give us as much notice as you can so we can arrange the correct paperwork signed off to get your project started, as much as 90 days maybe needed to obtain authorisation from the FAA.

Speak with us about how we can help.

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