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Why should a real estate agent get Hubspot ? The quick answer here is for many reasons, however the benefits are huge and can help real estate agents manage, engage and increase their sales pipeline grabbing an edge over the competition. Applying many of easier low hanging fruit Hubspot tools first, agencies can see a benefit almost within weeks of using Hubspot, even before the heavy lifting analysis takes place.

Imagine being able to respond or react to clients in real time or create “calls to action” under certain situations during a potential clients browsing of properties or your services. Imagine having tools that could tell your winning content that is on point and relevant. Getting a handle on inbound marketing is key to real estate success.

Being able to engage new clients in a world which is rapidly changing to an “on demand culture” driven by millennial types is important to driving business,  knowing who is on your site and their behaviors means warm leads are just a click away.

The real estate market which is evolving at such a pace, is prime to be the next Uber space to go through a massive shale up, so make your client experience better by improving your CRM and client engagement management, as well as gaining the power to do more and less time wasting chasing dead end leads.

Hubspot address all of these issues which are important to the real estate market and more. Speak with us about Hubspot today.

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Hubspot for Real Estate Agents Case Study

Lets take a look at how Hubspot helped our broker achieve success in their real estate market. 

Looking to Find New Clients

One of the issues our client came to us with was they were unable to find and attract new clients to their brokerage. The first step we took was to evaluate their overall market (New York) and how they were currently marketing to their clients as sellers and potential buyers as well as knowing who and what they were doing and talking to.

In this case we found their website was not created with the tools needed (i.e. purchased from the MLS and built with non-optimized tools) or it just had with a single call to action for “contacting” their business through an email address and phone number which required clients to click or type in their own email client. Absolutely no content other than property listings and the site was made from old web technologies no longer in use., including a CRM that wasn’t connected to the outside world, which relied on information being keyed in by the agents.

Second we took a look at how they engaged with clients on an ongoing basis, what did their response time look like, and did the agent market new content out on a regular basis?

Then we looked at how they could generate leads by creating content and how to get those leads into the sales pipeline, leveraging Hubspot.

New Mentality & Methods

We understood that changing the agents and brokers habits to how they responded to the changing market conditions was imperative. No longer could they rely on incoming calls and reacting to buyers online or through traditional postings in newspapers and alike.

Zillow and other listing platforms will always get first hand information on buyers and sellers which is shared with other brokers too so how could our client change all that. Making the brokerage a source of information and not 3rd party sites. Using that to base their business on wasn’t a good idea either from a marketing perspective or to help obtain new clients, so a change of direction was needed to drive business and quality leads to the updated website.

Inbound Marketing Pipeline

We took time to migrate the clients website to a new server and with a fresh new website look where we could maintain the sites SEO keywords, content and manage methods of creating call outs and such using Hubspot technologies. Placing all their own clients straight into the CRM old and new meant the broker could now identify warm leads as they happen, even from the Hubspot mobile phone app; even to the point of giving potential leads a score so agents could follow up and avoid spending time cold calling.

Over the course of 6 months we were able to turn their website into a client attention grabbing machine to funnel all the potential clients into Hubspot where everything from emails, phone calls, sales progress and documents for every single buyer or seller could be tracked.

As Hubspot can scale up quickly with the business so does the tool set, our real estate agency client started to grow with a swelling pipeline and increase in sales as their client engagement ethos had changed. Our brokers moved from the Hubspot FREE offering to a paid marketing tier which then helped them create email marketing campaigns, chat box and other tools.

Content, Content, Content

Final part of the puzzle was content and content that’s not only useful but created so search engines can find it and know exactly what it’s all about. Doing so helps attract new clients and encourage their engagement with the brokerage. Hubspot helps us research which content works for the real estate market and more important for our client broker, this enables us to make sure content stays relevant and structured in a way that boosts websites SEO but attracts more clients via search, creating a sense of authority.

Our client now makes monthly updates to their website that helps their buyers and sellers understand the local real estate market and how to sell and buy with regular small post features; which is pushed out to their contact list inside Hubspot, again with everything tracked inside the platform.

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