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How To Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

Selling your home without a realtor can seem a confusing and difficult task, and while it does have some pitfalls, you can avoid them with some basic smarts outlined in this hand guide.

Let’s take a look at marketing, screening, showings and of course how to handle realtors when the time is right.

Content is King

Marketing is maybe the most important lesson a “For Sale By Owner” is going to learn, low quality materials and content is where even some realtors fall over and makes attracting buyers that little more difficult.

Don’t fall into the same trap ! You can avoid that by booking high quality photography, floorplans, drone shots and alike before you list your house anywhere.

Then comes the copy, how you view your house in words, now don’t make this super long as you will bore your audience, stick to the facts and add a little shine to draw out the features. Compare what others have written for some inspiration. 

Don’t forget to stage your property ahead of any photography, you can learn how by clicking here. Stage your home.

Effective Marketing Copy

Create Meaningful Copy

Working out what your house strengths and features are key to success, play to your houses strengths.

Write a description the features the size of the windows, south facing or maybe the property location is brilliant for access to shopping or schools.

If you’re in a good location, big it up.

3 Essential Property Marketing Content

Photography - Floorplans - Virtual Tours

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Showings & Screening

After you have started listing your property you can expect a large volume of realtors calling to offer a buyer looking locally.

If you have gone down the road of selling yourself you may want to keep them at arms length for now however that can prove difficult especially with listing services like Zillow who will offer buyers the chance to speak with a realtor than calling you directly.

Not cool ! But keep in mind Zillow and alike are there for the real estate community and it’s how the site makes money.

how to sell your property without a realtor

So you have your content, your property is posted as a for sale listing on various websites and now you have some interest, now what ?

Here are a few practical questions you need to be asking each buyer that want’s to come for a showing.


“Are you pre-qualified by a lender ?”

“Do you have a home to sell before you can buy ?”

“How quickly are you looking to move ?”


Asking these screening questions will show how serious each buyer is and weeding out the tire kickers from the more serious people looking to buy.

You maybe want to avoid having a large “chain” of clients dependent on selling their homes first, high loan to value buyers (which maybe impacted by property valuation by the bank) and those who have not in the same time line as you to buy and sell.

Ask to see the pre-qualification, this way you can determine the LTV (loan to value) and how much they are approved for, another serious indicator they are a serious buyer.

DO - Keep Records

Keep a record of everyone who comes to your home for a viewing.

If you ever want to use a realtor in the future you can always ask to have the names listed exempt from any deal you make.

DO - Bill Estimates

Get all your bills estimated and ready for viewings, buyers love to know exactly how much their new home is going to cost them. Plus it shows goodwill and preparation.

DO - Show Sheets

Show off your property like a pro. Get a professionally designed and made "show sheet" printed onto high quality print paper. Add images a description, price and your contact details in a easy to digest format.
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When Is It Realtor Time ?

That is really up to you, however a few indicators maybe when frustration creeps in that you haven’t sold quickly. Maybe it’s time to get some professional advice.

Maybe you’re unsure of your valuation but there are a few ways to make sure you are on the right track by checking how much your neighbors houses are selling for.

Either way a realtor can help if you are not getting success even though the price is about right.

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