6 Months Website SEO (5hr Per Month Package)


Basic SEO Maintenance

Get 6 months of SEO work for your real estate website.

In this smaller, maintenance package you will receive 5 hours a month of work which includes set up, monthly reporting and more. This package is the best way to maintain your SEO investment following our 6 Months Website SEO (10hr Package) completion. Keep the SEO maintained for your real estate brokerage, agency or commercial business to be found on the web.

While we do see we around 80% of our clients make the first page of google inside 6 months, it is dependent on your market, competition and such.

We do promise to see a significant rise in your standing on the web with your business heading up the listings on google search and other search engines.


The package includes 6 months of work (30 hours in total) which means we commit to providing the following.


  • Monthly progress reports via SERPS
  • Suggested keyword focusing
  • 5 hours per month of creating URL content such as backlinks etc
  • Full website review with SEO optimized changes
  • SEO best practices
  • Follow up campaign for 6 months
  • Maintain your keyword optimization
  • Off-site SEO content
  • Backlinks
  • Real estate focused SEO

Your SEO project can be followed using our online project system which you will receive access to after your initial meeting.



Many outside sources can impact your Google ranking, not only does Google change its algorithm on a regular basis, so does its competition which can impact the work we do over a period of time. While we can keep on top of this we can not make any guarantees of making the first page on Google. Over 80% of our clients so see the first page within 6-12 months, depending on market competition and advertising spend of competition. Services are provided on best endeavors.

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