Successful Real Estate Marketing In 3 Steps

Like with all things marketing, if your method of attracting clients and buyers is 100% leading with content then your content needs to be top draw. Successful realtors know that content is the key to winning the real estate market, take a look at top producers; it's the main thing they all have in common.

Let's look at 3 ways to improve your clientele and attract sellers with larger, more expensive properties to sell, and save yourself from the supermarket brochure trash can.

Photography Rules

Photography is King

There is a really good reason why photography is still king of the real estate content, it's the easiest for buyers to digest.

No 360 headsets, no screen needed and can be viewed right off an easily produced page or screen.

While we live in a connected world where video and other technologies are quickly catching on they still have the same issue, more difficult to view than real estate photography.

Never scrimp on photography, it will have a negative effect on your client base and of course who wants to pay $1,000s of dollars for real estate marketing when someone turns up with their phone ? Nobody.

Online Marketing

Get Yourself Found

Chances are you're in a competitive market, and let's face it realtors full and part time are ready to sell your listings or steal your clients.

Not cool, so how can you go about changing the way you're found and perceived?

Though effective changes to your online marketing strategy you can make your real estate business shine through the competition. Of course you will need to spend a few dimes getting into the position of top digital dog but in the long run it's totally worth it.

Changing your website, SEO(search engine optimization) or even PPC (pay per click) campaigns can really boost your online footprint. Maybe an entire re-branding can help, especially if you're using a tired old website you bought from the local MLS.

Real Estate branding and marketing
Social Media Marketing

Join The Social Media Train

Social media falls into a wider bracket of new media. It's here to stay and getting ahead of the game will take some work, especially when mastering some of the bigger social media platforms.

So how can you master social media and attract buyers and sellers?

All your content either photography, video clips, drone or 360 needs to be in a format that's super small and easy to digest on Instagram and Facebook for example. The average user spends over 3hrs a day on social media and around 2 seconds deciding if your media grabs their attention; so you need to catch attention with attractive content.

If you are not pushing listings with high quality content onto social media, then you're missing out on having brand recognition (takes 3 times or more for someone to remember who you are), new clients and eyes on your listings.

No listings ? no problem make social media content about you or your real estate business.

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